Peripheral information

Peripheral information

Dorogawa Onsen street

The street is full of Ryokan, local eastern medicine; Daranisuke farmacies and restaurants. It is nice weather to chill out in the night even in the middle summer. You can enjoy the street lightening up with Japanese lanterns, shooting galley or cafes for coffee made of Gorogoro water.

Mt. Omine

The mountain is famous for the sacred ground of Shugendo all over Japan. Since En no Gyoja opened this mountain for training about 3000 years ago, it still doesn’t allow women to get in the mountain. On the top of the mountain, you will amaze so many alpine plants, gigantic rocks and stones and of course the scenery.

Ryusen-ji Temple

It belongs to the Daigo school of the Shingon Sect. The spring water coming through the mouth of the dragon is known as a place for cold-water ablution. It doesn’t matter which school they believe to do ablution.This temple enshrines En no Gyoja, Master Li Yuan, Kobo Daishi and Fudo Myoo.

Calcareous cave

It is designated as Nara prefecture’s Special Natural Monument. It took millions of years to become its shape which looks like a castle underground. In the cave, you would feel chill in the summer and warm in the winter because it is about 8℃ inside over a year on average plus there is no wind. 

Tenkawa Jinja

One of the top 3 of Benzai originators in Japan, it enshrines goddess of music, eloquence, wealth and water.Every year, the play of Noh is dedicated to the goddess. They keep the mask which Yoami used and the costumes from Muromachi era for their treasure.

Mitarai Valley

The trail from Tenkawa-Kawai to Dorogawa Onsen is the most beautiful trail in Kinki area. You won’t be bored with the trail for the 2 hours.There are some heavy slopes or high hanging bridges which are a little bit thrilling but the trail is well-maintained including stairs, hand railing, the map and signs.


This spring water gushes up from the plate of limestone near Goyomatsu-Shonyudo cave and is selected as Japan Top 100 of water. It is named “Gorogoro-mizu” by the sound of the stream echoing throughout the underground conduit.

Karigane Hanging Bridge

This bridge is hung between the firry grove in the back of Ryusen-ji Temple and Mt. Ohara. It is 120m long and 50m heights which is the longest hanging bridge in the Tenkawa village. You would love the scenary of the town and mountains around from the bridge.

Seasonal events (in the village or Dorogawa)

Ryusenji Temple Star Festival(Feb 3)

Setsubun is the day before the beginning of each season. Temple Ryusenji holds “goma” fire rituals to pray for their luck and health for the year.

Meisui Festival(In the late April)

Tenkawa village signatures their sky, woods and rivers. Dorogawa area has several great waters to drink which are selected for Japan Top 100 water. You will discover how great spring water is by trying them not from the tap.

Opening ceremony for training in Mt. Omine(May 3)

It has a deep history as one of the oldest shugendo about Mt. Omine. It opens in the very early morning on May 3rd every year. All the representers relating this shugendo will attend in yamabushi style or dressed up in the formal haori-hakama with other normal followers.

Sampoin head priest’s flower offering-entering(Jun 7)

The head priest for Daigoji Temple from Kyoto coming with over 300 mountaineering ascetics to offer lotus flowers in all over Mt. Omine. Local people and kids are welcoming the parade  with saying the greeting phrase “Youmairi”.

Tenkawa Benzaiten Festival(Jul 16 and 17)

The biggest festival in the year for Tenkawa Benzaiten but which is also a local summer festival at the same time.Many various street vendors and a karaoke night would take you to a nostalgic night in the village.

Gyoja Festival(Aug 2 and 3)

To celebrate En no Gyoja; the originator of Mt. Omine, his coming back from the island after his banishment far away.

Fall leaves Festival(In the late Oct- In the beginning of Nov)

One of our spots for fall leaves, Mitarai Valley. We do this event to share its beautiful scenery. We could call it “Supernal Fall”. It looks as fresh reds and yellows get down from the sky.