Find your way to stay, from stay without meals to long-term stay.

・a night with Dinner and Breakfast: 2 people〜¥8,800(per person)
 ¥10,100(per person)
 ¥12,100(per person)
・a night with Breakfast: 2 people〜¥6,000(per person)
・without meal plan: 2 people〜¥4,500(per person)

【Amenities】 Room wear(Yukata), Towels, Bath towels, Toothbrush, Dryer 
※Sales tax and bathing tax will be charged
※Additional fee(¥500) for weekends and holidays  for 2 or more people group
※Additional fee(¥1000) for weekends and holidays for a person
※Additional fee(¥1000) for long holidays (golden week, summer holidays and consecutive holidays) for everyone
※Non-meals stay from ¥5,500〜per person for 2 people for weekdays (including TAX)
※ご宿泊のキャンセルに関しましては、3日前までにご連絡下さい。キャンセル料を頂戴いたします。 宿泊のキャンセルは【当日は宿泊料金の100%】

Stay for residential training

¥6,000 ( per person/night )

We are considering well-balanced big meals with great facilities.The entire floor can be reserved from a group of 40 people.The price will be changed by the grade of students and number of the party.

Stay for camping school

¥6,000 〜 ( per person with 3 meals/night )

We honor to help to make great memories through the camp for students with the nature we have here. We are located very close to various nature and you will see different faces of them in every season.There’s an optional plan to rent a gym if you ask in advance. It is definitely the perfect place and weather for camp.


お一人様 4,500円~

団体様の場合、ご予算・お料理など相談いたします。 土曜・祝日は+500円UPとなります。


Reservations can be made by inquiries or by phone.

TEL: +81 747-64-0032
※Please contact us about the stay in a big group.